• Bridal Cronoline Petticoat Double Layer Slip

Bridal Cronoline Petticoat Double Layer Slip


This petticoat length is about 1m in front and 1.5cm rearwards, the maximum steel ring diameter of dress is about 1.15m, which will give your dress more puffy shape. The double-layer yarn deisng with imppecable stitching will make the bridal dressing more charming and elegant.
- Color: Shown in the pictures.
- Material: Mesh cloth & Steel ring.
- Front length: 1m.
- Back Length: 1.5m.
- Waist: 0.51m.
- Maximum steel diameter: 1.15
- Double-layer with soft texture. Super light weight for convenient and comfortable wearing.
- Refined stitching without extra sewing string. Strudy steel ring design which will support your wedding dress securely.
- Perfect petticoat for ballgown, wedding dressing at wedding, engagement or some evening parites.