• Love Romantic Wedding Balloon

Love Romantic Wedding Balloon



Item Description:

 · Materialaluminum foil

 · Size7.8×9.9×0.5cm

 · Color champagne

 · Item Typelove balloons

 · Quantity1 pc

 · Weight: 40g



 · The material is the aluminum film, the ball has the metal luster, the color is even, the ball is beautiful


· Can be used repeatedly, charging and discharging is convenient, do not use it once and throw it away

 · After the inflation is completed, pinched flat the ball, ball mouth comes automatically sealing glue

  How To Use:

 · Used for wedding arrangement, party celebration decoration, children's toys and other purposes. The most ideal decorative balloon of celebration, cooperate with other balloon to use happy effect is better. This product can be used for enterprise promotion, product promotion, KTV/ bar decoration layout.

  Package Included:

 · 1 × love balloon